Uniline Sales and Service Proposition for Retailers

To Retailers we offer:

Contact Uniline for Wholesaler near you, to provide you a Uniline fabricated finished product.

  • Sales of and Information on our systems, components and fabric.
  • Marketing and technical support on our systems, components and fabric.
  • Training on all the above.
  • Retail sales training.
  • Installation training to installers.
  • Marketing collateral to your retail stores to promote Uniline systems.
  • A full consumer warranty on our systems, components and fabric if:
  • It is sold through an accredited Uniline retailer; and
  • It is installed by an accredited Uniline installer.

Please refer to the Product Updates and Brochures Downloads to access all relevant Retail documentation for your business.

Complete Swatch Books – Contact Us

Please contact Uniline if you are a Retailer wanting to promote Uniline products but need a swatch book for the complete Uniline range. The following Swatches are available for Retailers:

  • All Fabric Swatches
  • Privasee Venetian Swatches
  • Internal Bottom Rail Swatches
  • External Metal Awning Colour Selector

Swatches are limited to One swatch book of each fabric and/or other product category per retailer.



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